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Hollywood's Once Resurrected Las Palmas Has Seen Better Days [Update]

Hide your kids, hide your wife.

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Las Palmas
Las Palmas
Crystal Coser

Las Palmas, the quasi-Mexican restaurant just off Hollywood Boulevard is once again very much abandoned. The venue has quite a lengthy history of change, as it first opened 17 years ago as Las Palmas, was then reconcepted by h.wood Group into nightclub LAX, then was resurrected again as Las Palmas back in 2010.

Well, the run down establishment has been closed since early 2014, with some pretty nasty Yelp reviews citing that in fact, not all dishes were $4.95 despite the rather conspicuous sign indicating such on the façade.

Today, the restaurant is boarded up, with fist-sized holes in the glass indicating some pretty angry passerbys. A public notice of application for ownership change pasted on the wall and this ABC license indicate new ownership under the name of Fastnet Holdings LLC.

Although the name certainly sounds like a front for an elaborate Ponzi scheme, a DBA has yet to be filed. So what's headed to the dingy space? Is it Las Palmas 3.0? Hit the tip line or comment below with any intel.

Update: Las Palmas owner Loyal Pennings, who is also a consultant for Fastnet Holdings' project The Lash Downtown, explains that the space has been playing host to The Lash pop-ups, and will hold one more before starting an '80s-inspired pop-up series. This is not to be confused with The Houston Bros newest '80s-themed bar Break Room 86. After the pop-ups, the space will be revamped into a yet to be announced concept at the end of the year.