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Bee-Centric Dessert Shop Honeymee Expands to Fourth Location on Sawtelle

The quickly growing local operation hints at another destination.

Honeymee Koreatown
Honeymee Koreatown

Anyone with an Instagram account and a few food-loving friends has probably heart of Honeymee, the recent purveyor of honey milk soft serve ice cream. It’s a beautiful (and beautifully simple) concept that marries a cheeky post-war Americana vibe with high quality desserts, and little else. Now they’re headed for a quick forth location on Sawtelle.

Since earning the official Sawtelle Japantown designation, the restaurant-rich area has been on a tear, and now comes the just desserts. Honeymee offers only five options: an unobtrusive vanilla ice cream, one laced with melted Ghirardelli chocolate and there options that directly include honey. The last, and most instagrammed, is the Honeybee, which actually doses the top of the ice cream with a chip of honeycomb.

Still waiting for official details on the location, which should help to identify a timeline. But given the seemingly speedy rollout of their previous locations, Honeymee won’t be languishing long.


3377 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010 Visit Website

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