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Meet Ox & Son, Santa Monica's Next New American Destination

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Something for everyone at this Montana Avenue restaurant.

With an official debut slated for March 13, chef Brad Miller isn't forkin' around with his latest farm-to-table restaurant on Montana Avenue. Dubbed Ox & Son, it's an homage to his father Gary "Ox" Miller, a Chicago butcher who taught the younger Miller how to break down an animal at the tender age of 15.

At this newest operation in Santa Monica, the former Inn of the Seventh Ray chef is presenting an eclectic bill of fare from chicken-fried duck confit to Benton's ham & corn griddle cake. Also consider sticky pig cheeks or mussel tomato chorizo poutine. The menu might be the most rib-sticking menu on the Westside, with a luscious coffee cake & butterscotch or lemon strawberry malt cake for dessert. Don't worry though, health conscious diners could always opt for a little gem salad or fresh ricotta with radishes.

Open Sunday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., and until midnight on weekends.

Ox & Son
1534 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA

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