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The Heights Brings a Bottle Shop and Gourmet Deli to Lincoln Heights

Look out eastsiders, there's more good stuff coming your way.

The Heights is more than just a musical drama series from the early 1990’s; it’s also a new deli and drink spot in Lincoln Heights.

Next on the list for gentrification worries, the eastside neighborhood has been coming on strong as of late. First there was the Corn Man. Then there was La Chuperia, marrying craft beer and tortas in an under served spot just off the freeway. Now comes The Heights on N. Broadway, done up with a vibrant new paint job and soon to be stuffed inside with craft beer bottles and wine.

As The Eastsider reports, the shop isn’t officially open yet, though teams on site are hard at work to change that. Look for a possible reveal sometime next week, when on-side deli sandwiches will be the order of the day. Along with a bottle or two to take home, of course.