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Phillip Frankland Lee Drops F-Bombs and Cooks Uni at Scratch Bar

The popular chef doesn't pull punches when talking about L.A.'s dining scene.

It's always refreshing to see a chef really talk about what's on their mind. Packaged sound bites and PR speak can often flood the conversation about food and cooking in Los Angeles, which makes this Phillip Frankland Lee video with Chinese-language site WaCowLA all the more awesome.

Watch as Lee, sitting at his Beverly Hills restaurant Scratch Bar and cooking up a couple of popular dished there, talks about growing up in the San Fernando Valley and the wealth of dining experiences that created for him. The chef then goes on to peg L.A.'s five year rise to becoming the best dining city in America while blasting the lack of creativity still found on plenty of menus around town.

As for his favorite working mantra? "Do whatever the fuck you want."

Scratch | bar

111 N La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA 90211

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