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What to Expect at West Hollywood's Most Anticipated Restaurant and Lounge E.P. & L.P.

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Chef Louis Tikaram has a lounge-friendly menu on the rooftop, with a more composed bill of fare downstairs.

The second floor dining room at E.P.
The second floor dining room at E.P.
Matthew Kang

Occupying perhaps one of the more unlikely restaurant and lounge destinations in L.A., E.P. & L.P. is quickly taking shape on the corner of Melrose and La Cienega. Founded by David Combes and Grant Smillie (with Axwell of Swedish Mafia House as a partner), the budding establishment is poised to become the hottest new spot to open in West Hollywood this year when it opens in a few weeks.

Currently in massive construction mode, the excitement starts on the street level, with both a staircase and elevator entrance. The first leads up to the main dining room, where chef Louis Tikaram will be fusing the flavors of Southeast Asia, from small to large plate options.

The elevator goes straight to the rather amazing rooftop lounge, which has clear views from the Hollywood Hills to Downtown to the Westside and the rest of Mid-City. Perched on the edge of the rooftop will be Frankie's, a slightly more secluded lounge area that'll invariably act as the more exclusive part of the operation.

With full service on the rooftop until 2 a.m. nightly, it'll also be one of the best place for industry folks to gather after their shifts in the kitchen or front of house end. Nosh on a softshell crab bun or L.P. nachos, with coconut cream chicken with crunchy cassava crackers. As for drinks, think adult boba cocktails or shareable punch bowl-type intoxicants.

And since a pair of DJs (Smillie and Axwell) are involved with place, expect some of the best music to go along with the sweet city views.

E.P. & L.P.
603 N. La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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