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Tabachines Cocina Unleashing Healthy, Fresh Mexican Bites to Downtown

Downtown LA's Tabachines Coocina will have flavorful and fresh Mexican food with vegan and gluten-free options soon.

Tabachines Cocina Facebook

Downtown LA already possesses a large variety of Mexican food options, but Tabachines Cocina on South Spring offers a more upscale and unique style of organic, artisanal, and fresh Mexican food. They believe culture is a vital ingredient to food, so simple and uncomplicated Mexican food is their game. No word on the exact opening date, but Tabachines anticipates opening in a few weeks.

The final menu continues to develop, but options may include: ceviches; pozoles; tostadas; tacos like the taco de huevos incorporating corn tortilla, quinoa, black beans and a sunny side up egg; and cochinita pibil, which is a banana-wrapped, slow-cooked, marinated pork served on red cabbage slaw with habanero-pickled onion and plantains. Additionally, Tabachines boasts innovative salsas inspired by the multi-regional flavors.

Tabachines Cocina's remodel is still underway and Restaurant Impossible Designer Lynn Kegan is behind the restaurant's design. Sign up on their website for deals and updates.

Tabachines Cocina
517 South Spring St
Los Angeles, California