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mar'sel's Charles Olalia Simmering Filipino Pop-Up March 9

No adobo or lumpia will be served.

The executive chef of Palos Verdes' fine dining gem mar'sel, Charles Olalia, is showcasing his heritage at his first Filipino pop-up at Papilles in Hollywood on March 9. The progressive Filipino dinner will be prepared by Olalia and Papilles chef Tim Carey, and will reflect the food of Olalia's childhood.

Diners can expect lots of pork, vegetable, and coconut-based dishes, with a final menu yet to be released. The idea is to explore the relatively underrepresented cuisine, meaning the most familiar Filipino dishes to the Western palate, adobo and lumpia, will not be served.

Wash it down with Pinoy beer San Miguel, and enjoy your evening's trip to Manila.

The $45 dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. Reservations can be made at


6221 Franklin Avenue, , CA 90028 (323) 871-2026