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Life & Thyme's New Video Looks Like a Terrence Malick Movie

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The latest Life & Thyme video just dropped, and it's artsy as all get-out.

Until now, Life & Thyme's occasional video forays have kept a documentarian's tone, giving viewers glimpses into the inner workings of some of Southern California's best, and most intriguing, restaurants. Their latest, a collaboration with recently-landed Verve Coffee Roasters takes a very, uh, different approach.

The poetic, almost lyrical interlude aims at showing a city in motion at every level, with one combining factor: coffee. If you're looking for walk-through tips on how to make the best pourover, this ain't the video for you. But for anyone doing that Folgers two-hands-around-a-steaming-cup-in-the-morning thing, sit back and enjoy three minutes of moody coffee love.

Verve Coffee

833 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 455-5991 Visit Website

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