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BREAKING: Biergarten LLC is Your New Cat & Fiddle Operator

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We have an answer-ish.

The Cat & Fiddle
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Update: Recent details now point back to April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman. This post has been amended to reflect as such, and a more full explanation can be found here.

Woah. After months of speculation and a lot of big names being thrown around (April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman from The Spotted Pig, for one), it’s now become clear likely that the new tenant taking over the beloved Cat & Fiddle space (which closed on December 15 after decades in business) will potentially be Bloomfield and Friedman none other than Biergarten LLC, which is the namefrom San Francisco.

It’s a big get for the Bay Area beer spot; Cat & Fiddle’s wide open patio was its biggest draw, and that looks to (hopefully) remain intact under the guise of a beer hall. So: more drinking for everyone!

This ABC license points to a Biergarten LLC name, which is shown over here as belonging to a San Francisco restaurant group (though another Biergarten LLC, listed in New York State, points to Bloomfield and Friedman).

There’s no timetable for a reopening, though one would suspect a summertime launch to be in the works. An early morning call to the Biergarten team (and Ken Friedman's reps) was not returned.

The Cat & Fiddle

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