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Mark Peel's All-Day Seafood Stall Bombo Drops at Grand Central Market

An airy, open kitchen with a focus on seafood.

Lucas Peterson

Mark Peel's latest concept, Bombo, officially launched yesterday in Downtown L.A.'s Grand Central Market. The restaurant, which has a sweet piece of centralized real estate in the increasingly popular food hall, specializes in broth-based seafood dishes but also serves items like fried chicken and braised beef short ribs.

The former Campanile chef has also garnered attention for his use of some distinctive countertop cooking devices at the market stall. Officially named "steel-jacketed steam kettles", they resemble something between a hotpot and pressure cooker. Chef Peel prepares most of the food at these kettles, which are located only inches away from seated diners. It makes for a fun bit of culinary theatre to be so close to the action.

Bombo is currently soft open for lunch, with hours that run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with an eventual extension to 6 p.m. beginning next week. The following weekend, they will extend their hours until 9 p.m. and expand into dinner service.

Grand Central Market

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