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Sichuan Superstar Chengdu Taste Heats Up Rowland Heights Next

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The Sichuanese craze officially invades East SGV.

Chengdu Taste 2
Chengdu Taste 2
Elizabeth Daniels

Despite the massive pressure from the current crush of Sichuan restaurants in San Gabriel Valley, Chengdu Taste has signed the lease to its third branch, this time in Rowland Heights. The latest location of the wildly popular Sichuanese restaurant is inside the Hong Kong Plaza, just around the corner from the newly defunct Supreme Dragon (which ratted out its employees on Yelp).

Chengdu Taste 3 will also sit next to Dongbei Hometown Restaurant, and save the folks in East San Gabriel Valley the crushing commute to Rosemead where Chengdu Taste 2 opened last summer.

Chef/owner Tony Xu says to expect a grand opening in approximately two months, pending the proverbial build-out and inspection process. With the opening of Chengdu Taste 2 (and its new reservation policy), the lines at Chengdu Taste original have finally subsided. However, there is no doubt the newest branch of Chengdu Taste will attract spice lovers from as far as Riverside, though only time will tell if Hacienda Heights locals will also be lining up to 2-hour waits.

Contrary to previous reports of reaching into Orange County (read: Irvine), Xu has grown weary of the LA scene — he recently counted 13 Sichuanese restaurants in the vicinities of Chengdu Taste 1 and 2 — and wants to get out of dodge. Rumor says there are hopes for San Francisco, and/or Las Vegas, but not to the tune of Tony Hu's Lao Szechuan.

Chengdu Taste 3
18406 E Colima Road #A
Rowland Heights

Chengdu Taste

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