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Brakeless Van Charges Into U-Zen's Front Door in West LA

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Apparently it wasn't a drive thru sushi spot.

Van crash outside U-Zen Sushi on Santa Monica Blvd.
Van crash outside U-Zen Sushi on Santa Monica Blvd.

The face of U-Zen Sushi along Santa Monica Blvd has been wiped off the map, or at least from the street corner, thanks to a raging van that crashed through the front door on March 28 in West LA.  Reddit user rabidkillercow posted an Imgur photo of a plain white van crashed into the front of the popular sushi spot, absolutely destroying a huge section of the restaurant. The user humorously dubbed the image: "Found a new sushi drive-through [sic] on the westside!"

Another Reddit user chimed in by saying that members of the rock band Witch seemingly took the blame for the crash, posting a photo on their Facebook page:

Witch Van Crash

What happens when you are late for practice AND speeding and Graham spots a KFC on an empty stomach? Through the fucking door!!

It's unclear if the two Witch band members were actually involved in the crash or if they just took a photo next to the collision. Either way, a few hours later, they were safely in Venice for band practice.

No word on when U-Zen Sushi will re-open.


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