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Does L.A. Need a Second Herringbone? Santa Monica Thinks So

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The inbound restaurant lands along Ocean Avenue.

Herringbone West Hollywood

So is that Santa Monica Searsucker that Westsiders have been hearing so much about actually going to become a Herringbone? Seems likely, given some new details dredged up by Toddrickallen. Strange, considering L.A. has its Herringbone fill already, over at the Mondrian in West Hollywood.

First, there’s this ABC license for the property, which is planted right next to the incoming Joan’s On Third (they're currently snatching up talent in anticipation of a forthcoming debut, FYI). Notice that DBA name? Also Herringbone, not Seersucker. And then there’s this Craigslist ad for ... you get the point.

Assuming the details are true, expect chef Brian Malarkey to land his beachside step-sister Herringbone sometime in early summer or late spring. The large 245 seater still has the boards up around the windows, but it shouldn’t be long before well-heeled Westsiders are dining on $22 plates of cauliflower.

1755 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA

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