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The Cahuenga Curse is Real: 3Dog Cantina Kicks the Bucket

Another Hollywood restaurant is down for the count.

3Dog Cantina
3Dog Cantina
Elizabeth Daniels

Restaurants on Cahuenga change hands like a hot potato. Only yesterday came news that Berlin Currywurst is morphing into urban farm-to-table concept The Walrus and Carpenter, but that's not all. Just across the street, 3Dog Cantina is fully shuttered, and is currently being used to film the ABC drama Scandal.

According to former staff, the rumor is that a NY-based sushi joint will be taking over the dark, two-story space. What's up with the Cahuenga curse? Is it the high rent or fickle Hollywood tastes? Hit the comments with thoughts.

3Dog Cantina

1615 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 465-1751