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Roy Choi Eyes Anaheim, Richmond, and East Oakland for Loco'l Expansions

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Everyone's favorite Korean bad boy chef took to Twitter as part of his indiegogo campaign for fast food concept Loco'l.

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Chef Roy Choi
Roy Choi
Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images

Roy Choi's still trying to crowdfund money for Loco'l, the joint venture fast food concept he's attempting to launch with Coi's Daniel Patterson. As part of these efforts, the food truck pioneer and restaurateur plopped down at Chinatown's Chego and took to Twitter to answer a series of (again, crowd-sourced) questions for, a travel Q&A website.

The Q&A covered standard material, but included some interesting tidbits, namely that Choi and Patterson are looking to expand Loco'l to East Oakland, Pacoima, Richmond and... Anaheim.

Given Loco'l's proposed Los Angeles location in Watts, the city that houses the Magic Kingdom and gave us Gwen Stefani seems like a bit of an unlikely destination. But for those familiar with Choi's background, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise: Choi's family once owned the now-defunct Silver Garden in Anaheim.

Other questions Choi answered included his choice of prep-kitchen music:

And the L.A. chef's unconventional advice for aspiring chefs:

Check out the full Q&A on's Twitter. As for Choi now? The chef tweeted out that he was at the planning permit office in Los Angeles to get the ball rolling on Loco'l's Watts location.