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Jonathan Gold Praises a Chicken Kebab for the First Time in Adana Review

The Goldster finds the Middle Eastern fare in the Glendale establishment to be extraordinary.

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This week, Jonathan Gold checks out an under-the-radar Middle Eastern restaurant in Glendale, Adana. The review is effusive, with lengthy praise on Chef Edward Khechemyan's primarily Armenian and Iranian cuisine. The LA Times critic continuously describes the restaurant as extraordinary, summing it up as "extraordinary Middle Eastern cooking" with "extraordinary" cold appetizers and "extraordinary" fattoush. Other standout dishes include the best stuffed grape leaves he's ever tasted and that chicken kebab:

And you really should try Khechemyan's slow-grilled meats, especially the chicken kebabs, the salmon and the profoundly marinated Cornish hen. I'm not sure I have ever praised a chicken kebab before. [LAT]

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6918 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA (818) 843-6237