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These Off-Menu Dishes at Coachella Will Make You Feel Even Cooler

Some of Coachella's best secret dishes, revealed.


Headed out to Coachella this weekend? If so, don’t forget that the food is just as impressive as the band lineup this year, with everyone from Eggslut to Roy Choi to Beer Belly making an appearance. Eater has already even compiled a handy guide on what’s VIP and what’s available for the masses, available right this way.

Over at Refinery29, there’s an equally handy list of several must-eat dishes from the top vendors on the polo grounds. Even better: there’s talk of a few off-menu dishes that can only be ordered by those in the know. Some highlights:

  • Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan will be doing a secret breakfast hangover bowl, complete with scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, potatoes, pea shoots, sour cream, scallions and cheddar cheese.
  • Cailan’s über-popular Ramen Champ will also be going off menu with a variety of possible rice bowls. These can also be put over a kale salad or masemen noodles, as needed.
  • 800 Degrees will be doing a one-off Nutella dessert pie, laced with mascarpone, hazelnuts, strawberries and mint.

Each of these one-offs is apparently exclusive to the Refinery29 brand, so if you’d like to order them ask for the off-menu Refinery29 dish by name. Rumor has it, they might even be stepping up their game next weekend with a few larger-format off menu dishes from the big dinner players doing VIP pop-ups.

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