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Tacos El Gavilan Tries to Revive the Barren Sunset/La Brea Food Scene

The popular local chain is expanding west.

Farley Elliott

The corner of Sunset and La Brea is not exactly a culinary mecca, considering it’s mostly overrun with fast food drive-thru options and strip malls pushing out bland concepts (plus a paint store!). In particular, the southeast corner has been a hotbed of mediocrity; the main standalone building there used to be a Boston Market and was, for a time, a very sad Pho Citi. Perhaps the only legit thing to eat on the block is Pa Ord Noodle's second location.

Now, it’s poised to turn into another location of the growing local Mexican chain Tacos El Gavilan. Styled in the rags-to-riches, family-owned vein of King Taco, El Gavilan looks to bring slightly more authentic flavors in the form of $1.39 tacos, cheap mulitas and the like. Until now, their locations have been decidedly eastern, in places like Downey, Huntington Park, and South L.A.

Chain link fencing is still up but there are Now Hiring signs everywhere, and the build-out inside seems nearly complete. No word on hours or official opening date, but here’s to hoping that they keep strong late night hours. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll peel off some of that insufferable 1 a.m. In-N-Out traffic.

Tacos El Gavilan

1900 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011 (213) 742-6677 Visit Website

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