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Hendrick's Gin Has Been Flying a Huge Cucumber Over LA This Whole Week

The promotional event ends Saturday.

Hendrick's Gin

So it turns out there’s been a flying cucumber slowly motoring over Los Angeles for days now, and nobody said a word. The airborne vegetable-painted dirigible is the work of Hendrick’s Gin, which has been puttering their blimp-like creation across the skies since Monday, even letting a few lucky drinkers take rides aboard the noisy airship.

So far, the big green machine has been mostly contained to the Long Beach area, where they’ve been parking it of late, but really no one in the county is safe from the possibility of an errant flight by a branded cucumber, so stay on your toes. The effort is all being done to highlight Hendrick’s as a botanical spirit that uses interesting infusions. Like, for example, cucumber.

Anyway, if you want a ride in a shopping cart attached to the bottom of a colorful balloon, you’ll have to spy the cucumber yourself, take a photo and use some hashtags. If you happen to make it on board the 130 foot contraption, at least you’ll get a free sightseeing tour and a gin cocktail. Better start looking now though; the cocktail cruiser continues on to San Francisco on Saturday.

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