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Flights Bar & Grill in Hawthorne Already Grounded Over Health Department Issues

The nascent craft beer bar barely got off the ground.


It looks as though Hawthorne craft beer and ‘sports grill’ hangout Flights has already been grounded. As Toddrickallen shows, the South Bay upstart was red-flagged by the health department a couple of weeks ago, and is still waiting to reopen.

A customer notice taped beneath the health department violation sign details the presumed issue, which included replacing a few old sinks and moving an ice machine. the Flights team has had to completely resubmit paperwork in order to once again be in compliance, setting them back at least two weeks.

Still, the team seems unfazed. A call the Flights revealed that the permitting should be in place today, which would allow Flights to immediately reopen at their scheduled time, 4 p.m. Hopefully the 40-tap bar and grill can get back on its feet immediately, as the entire South Bay food scene continues to grow.

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