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Short Order at the Original Farmer's Market Closed Yesterday

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The four year old Bill Chait-backed eatery has ended its run.

It looks like Short Order’s four year run at the Original Farmers Market on Fairfax has come to a close. Management says yesterday was the final day of service for the corner build-out, which helped to usher in a more recent wave of new tenants to the longtime market.

Unfortunately, it seems that the mostly-outdoor casual burger bar concept just couldn’t hold on, especially after burger maestro Christian Page moved on to help jumpstart the completely reborn Cassell’s in Koreatown. Of course, the incredible Nancy Silverton was still on board, helping to oversee the space along with Bill Chait’s Sprout restaurant group.

Chait still has the rights to the space, and will be revamping it into something else in the coming months. Additionally, the sister coffee and dessert concept actually located inside of the market, Short Cake, will continue on untouched.

Short Order

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