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Jesse Barber Jumps Aboard Takeway Concept Dudley Market in Venice

The former Barnyard Venice chef stays on the Westside.

Even with all of that he-said-she-said fallout over at Barnyard Venice, it looks like chef Jesse Barber isn’t leaving the neighborhood. LA Weekly reports today that the well-liked former Tasting Kitchen chef will in fact move even closer to the beach.

Barber will be running things at Dudley Market, an artisanal shop and quick-service stop with a larger dinner component. The revamped beach-adjacent space first came to light back in March, after an ABC license popped up.

Inside the Dudley Market, there will be a variety of local products and fresh produce from some of the farms that Barber has a great relationship with, along with a fast casual takeout component not dissimilar to something like Stir Market on Beverly. It’s a concept that’s becoming increasingly popular around town, though Dudley Market plans to go one step further with a 20-seat dinner experience. The bar will served beer and wine from opening to close.

Per the Weekly, expect a May unveiling for Jesse Barber’s new Dudley Market.

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