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Help One of Tavern’s Servers Recover From an Awful Car Wreck

Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne are raising funds to help.

Inside Tavern in Brentwood
Inside Tavern in Brentwood
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Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have long been vocal proponents for their staff. Their restaurants Lucques, AOC, and Tavern were among the first to institute a 3% health care surcharge on all checks, and the pair have for years done a wonderful job of not only cultivating talent but keeping it around. Now they’re reaching out to ask for help in supporting one of their own servers at Tavern in Brentwood, who was critically injured in a recent car accident.

Last month, a suspected teenage drunk driver caused a four-car pile-up in the San Fernando Valley that server Jenna Miles was involved in. Her car was overturned and she was, for a time, trapped in her vehicle. After being rescued and hospitalized for more than a month, doctors are cautiously optimistic that Miles will make a full recovery, but the rehabilitation of course takes time.

And so, Goin/Styne and the entire Tavern team in Brentwood are asking that anyone with the willingness and ability pitch in consider doing so at this GoFundMe page, which the Lucques Group themselves actually set up. Donations will be made on behalf of Miles’ family, who is overseeing her care and the expected related costs. No Kickstarter perks for donating, no early access to the VIP lounge — just a popular server at the six-year-old Tavern who could use some help following an unforeseeable, life-changing accident.

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