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Soupure Aims to Supplant Juice as the Diet Liquid of Choice

Juicing is so 2012.

Soupure, Brentwood
Soupure, Brentwood

As if LA didn't have enough juice bars and wellness centers, Soupure is trying to introduce the "souping" lifestyle to Brentwood. The soup kiosk opening on April 23 at the Brentwood Town Center will offer chilled soup, hot soup, bone broth, and alkaline water — basically everything you need to follow a healthy-hip LA lifestyle.

Do flavors like strawberry cashew, cucumber grape, and pineapple papaya fennel sound suspiciously like juices? No! This decidedly non-juice bar juice bar takes stabs at juicing, calling it a "popular (if not passing) fad," and claims that its soup cleanse program is far superior to the cold-pressed stuff.

The logic is that by keeping the fiber of fruits and vegetables, soups provide more sustainable energy throughout the day. While this seems to make sense, there are perhaps better ways to get a day's nutrition than a $68 six-pack of soup, like, you know, eating a salad.

13050 San Vicente Blvd
Brentwood, CA 90049

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