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Jiangzhe-Style Chinese Truck Hits USC, JJ Bakery and Cafe Opening in Temple City

Critcally lauded Chung King returns to SGV.

JJ Bakery and Cafe
JJ Bakery and Cafe
Wandering Chopsticks

Welcome to Meanwhile In SGV a regular feature in which Tony Chen, our fearless leader in all things San Gabriel Valley, brings word of restaurant openings, closings, and other unsung, curious neighborhood goings on.

1) Temple City: JJ Bakery and Cafe is opening in a massive new space, its second in the West SGV. The bakery chainlet from City of Industry is joining the current battle of the Taiwanese bakeries, but hopes to offer an additional dine-in experience with a full Pan-Chinese menu. Build-out is ongoing at Temple City Marketplace, but it's still a way off from opening. 5755 Las Tunas Drive.

Happy Table

2) Alhambra: New Bay Seafood has been taken over by Happy Table. New Bay, with both the name and the menu modeled after Newport, is the first victim of the war of attrition between the Cantonese lobster houses. Meanwhile, Boston Seafood, with its smaller interior and much smaller parking space, has somehow managed to gain traction and pull a significant amount of clientele from hectic Newport Seafood. There were rumors New Bay management was going to open closer to Newport. Happy Table began remodeling on April 20, and the targeted reopening date is April 30. 203 W Valley Blvd

3) Arcadia: OG Chong King has come back to life. After selling the San Gabriel location, Chung King opened in Artesia catering to the affluent Chinese population in Cerritos. Alas, the local Taiwanese were nonplussed by the menu, and Chong King was flipped into a hot pot shop. The latest incarnation of Chong King features a menu similar to the original in Monterey Park. Somewhere out there, Jonathan Gold is jumping for joy. 921 S. Baldwin Ave.

Bamboo Wheel

4) Monterey Park: Bamboo Creek is the first Chinese restaurant in SGV to open a truck after initially establishing a brick and mortar. The truck is named Bamboo Wheel, and it is instantly the most authentic mobile Chinese eatery in L.A. Look for braised beef brisket on rice, shredded pork in garlic sauce, wonton noodle soup, and other dishes from Jiangsu-Zhejiang. Currently, USC is the only location for the truck, which is apropos as Bamboo's first iteration was at USC. Web Tower, USC.

5) Alhambra: OO-Kook Tofu has given up the ghost. Young Dong, one of the earliest soondubu houses in SGV, is the new owner. 2201 W Commonwealth.

6) Monterey Park: Seoul Tofu has shuttered and the space is up for lease. The second floor space is now officially unlucky for Korean restaurants. 141 N. Atlantic #200