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Pacquiao Drops $4,200 on Hollywood Sushi Binge Days Before Big Fight

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He's still trying to bulk up, apparently.

Manny Pacquiao preps for his May 2 fight
Manny Pacquiao preps for his May 2 fight
Harry How/Getty Images
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It looks like Manny Pacquiao has finally started carb-ing up for his big fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday night. The English-language online news site The Philippine Star is reporting that the beloved Filipino boxer dropped $4,200 dollars (roughly 186,000 Philippine pesos) on lunch at sushi spot Kabuki in Hollywood over the weekend. That’s a lot of sushi rice.

While that’s certainly no amount of money (or sushi), Pacquiao hasn’t been one to shy away from big meals with equally big bills at the end of the night. Perhaps he should spend more time dining at Gerry’s Grill in Artesia, a Filipino hotspot that the fighter also frequents, which says they’ll give Pacquiao unlimited free food for life if he beats Mayweather, Jr on May 2.

Well, with a guaranteed take-home of $80 million from Saturday’s fight in Las Vegas, it’s likely that Pacquiao isn’t thinking about the chump change that a $4,200 tab at Kabuki represents. In fact, the proclaimed Pride of the Philippines, who enjoyed his sushi feast with friends, family, and none other than smoldering Filipino actor Richard Gutierrez, doesn’t seem fazed by restaurant bills at all any more. Sources say that just the week before, Pacquiao spent $3,700 at the exact same sushi spot in Hollywood.

Let’s hope the multi-multi-millionaire has been leaving a nice tip every time.

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