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Starry Kitchen Lives On With New Cookbook Deal

But the real question is will Starry Kitchen open up another brick and mortar?

For those still mourning the loss of Nguyen and Thi Tran's underground-turned-legit pop-up Starry Kitchen, here's some news that will console you. Banana suit-wearing tofu ball maven Nguyen Tran has just landed a cookbook deal with Harper One.

The currently untitled memoir-cookbook hybrid will detail the history of Nguyen's formerly illegal restaurant operation that at one point held the #1 Asian Fusion listing on Yelp, and will include 75 traditional and original pan-Asian recipes. When asked when the cookbook is due to be released, Nguyen responded, "sooner rather than way later would be f'ing awesome."

Of course, Starry Kitchen fans still hope for the day the Trans will revive their restaurant. While a Kickstarter campaign couldn't seem to do the trick, an impressive cookbook deal just may be the thing to push things along.

In the sage words of Nguyen Tran, #weaintdeadyet.