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The Glutster Javier Cabral Emerges as Munchies West Coast Editor for Vice

The L.A. native started Monday.

Javier Cabral

Since February, mega-media corp Vice has been on the hunt for someone to run the West Coast arm of their online food imprint Munchies. As of Monday, the top resume on the pile seems to be none other than The Glutster himself, Javier Cabral.

LA Weekly has all of the details on the emergence of Cabral as the new Munchies editor for every speck of land between Vancouver B.C. and the Baja Peninsula, with Hawaii thrown in for good measure. Overall Munchies editor Helen Hollyman says that Cabral’s punk rock sensibilities are a good fit within the Vice umbrella, and that she’s looking forward to all of the great content Cabral will be working on in the coming weeks.

An East Los Angeles native, Cabral has been writing about food in some capacity for years, first as the young Teenage Glutster and now mostly under his own name, for publications as varied as the LA Times and Saveur. He’s also never one to shy away from controversy, having recently come out against writing about unlicensed street vendors in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to Cabral, who will help to bring some more much-needed food coverage to the western seaboard in the coming months.

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