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Where to Eat at Anaheim's Angel Stadium, 2015 Edition

Jack in the Box is out, OC Fair-inspired food is in, but still not much Trout or Salmon on the menu.

Angels Stadium

Angel fans have a lot to be excited about this year: bona fide baseball prodigy Mike Trout gets a year older (and presumably, a year better), and it looks as if Albert Pujols has finally turned the corner after a foot injury to step into being a batter more deserving of his $240 million contract. You won’t need Pujols’ paycheck to eat at Angel Stadium this season, but you might want to set aside a part of your budget for the food. Legends Hospitality, a hospitality management group with clients including Yankee Stadium and USC Football, has been making some long strides to improve the dining options at Orange County's ballpark.

Here’s a brief rundown of what to eat at Angel Stadium:

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Notable Food at Angel Stadium

Grilled Cheese — Though not traditionally a ballpark food, the grilled cheese from Angel Stadium’s The Big Cheese is hugely popular with fans. Offered in short rib, thick cut bacon and traditional varieties, the stand also sells tomato soup to accompany their buttery sammies. (The Big Cheese, Section 211)

The Legends Dog — Angel Stadium's "secret" dog is the Legends Dog, a footlong frank topped with barbecued brisket from Smoke Ring Barbecue. For 2015, the Legends Dog will be available on the regular menu at two locations. (The Smoke Ring BBQ, Gate 1, Farmer John BBQ, Section 242)

Smoke Ring Barbecue — When it comes to barbecue done properly, you have to look for the smoke ring. But actually, look for The Smoke Ring, which is located just inside Gate 1. Follow that alluring smoky scent wafting at you near Gate 1 too find smoked kielbasa, St. Louis ribs, big hot dogs, chicken, and beef brisket paired with cornbread and macaroni and cheese. Smoke Ring Express, a small stand serving up just barbecue brisket sandwiches, will also be available at the Terrace Level in Section 237 beginning this season. (The Smoke Ring BBQ, Gate 1, Smoke Ring Express, Section 237)

Craft Beer — Technically it’s not a food (alright, some of us will disagree), but Angel Stadium offers a pretty extensive craft beer program at Draft Pick near Gate 2 which has a pretty solid list of California-sourced selections, including Saint Archer’s Blonde Ale from San Diego and Los Angeles-based Golden Road Brewery selections. At around $13 for a 24 oz. cup, it’s commensurate to getting these beers at a bar or the club. Except, you know, you’re watching a ballgame with one of the sport’s most affable fan bases... instead of sweating in a dark room with a bunch of douches. (Draft Pick, Gate 2)

Vegetarian and Healthy Options

It would be great if everyone could eat short rib grilled cheese and chug tallboys of craft beer and not gain a pound, but let’s face it: This is Orange County, a bastion of health-consciousness and beach bodies — and Angel Stadium has the figure-friendly options to match.

If you’re not feeling the Nacho Daddy helmets, Melissa’s Fresh For You offers an Açai Bowl replete with bananas, strawberries, granola and honey, which is new for 2015. Melissa's Fresh will also feature granola bites, trail mix and, at the location in Section 317, custom chef-built salads. (Melissa’s Fresh For You, Sections 232, 317, 417, and on the Field Level in the 1st and 3rd Base Food Court).

BBQ beef brisket sandwiches will be available at the Terrace Level beginning in 2015, in Section 237's Smoke Ring Express. Photo courtesy of Legends Hospitality.

BBQ beef brisket sandwiches will be available at the Terrace Level beginning in 2015, in Section 237's Smoke Ring Express. Photo courtesy of Legends Hospitality.

Location-Specific Eats

View Level

Jersey Mike’s has multiple outposts at Angel Stadium, though their selection is limited to exclusively Philly cheesesteak (and chicken cheesesteak) sandwiches. The Jersey Mike’s on the View Level is located in Section 424 and the Panda Express on the View Level is located in Section 420. Chicken tender fans can fly into The Coop in Section 416, and Italian sausages and bratwurst are available at the Farmer John grill on 412.

Club Level

The former Knothole Club is now the Shock Top Brew Pub, a full-service restaurant serving up pub fare with Shock Top ingredients, including a Shock Top beer battered jidori chicken sandwich with buns from local OC Bakery. The pub will undergo a facelift, but still offer a view of the field from the first base line in Section 348. For 2015, the club level will also exclusively house hand-dipped ice cream in Sections 317 and 334 with ice cream toppings and waffle bowls.

Terrace Level

Grab some chicken wings and fries at the cleverly named Angel Wings (Section 207), a build-your-own taco/burrito in the Pavilion at local favorite Chronic Tacos (Section 240), or a cold craft beer at the aforementioned Draft Pick (Section 242, behind the rocks). For the 2015 season, the former Jack in the Box location on the Terrace level will be turned into a Jersey Mike's serving chicken cheesesteaks and regular cheesesteaks. 

Field Level

The Field Level features Spuds in Section 130, a fry spot that offers more than the basic garlic fries — it’s here you can grab (a rather untraditional rendition) of carne asada fries in addition to chili cheese wedge fries. The Jack in the Box location in the first and third base food court will be converted into Battered Up, an O.C. Fair-inspired food stand offering funnel cake fries, hand-dipped corn dogs and garlic fries. Battered Up will have locations at both the Third Base and First Base Food Courts. Adjacent to Battered Up in the food courts is also Burger Bites, which will be serving up Certified Angus beef sliders served on Hawaiian rolls.

Beginning Opening Day, "A" Wine Cellar will be pouring out glasses for oenophiles in Section 111 adjacent the Oakley Store. "A" Wine Cellar will offer buy-a-glass options in addition to bottles off an extensive, California-focused wine list. Bottles purchased at the wine shop will come with two Angel-branded wine glasses and a matching decanter.

UPDATE (4/3/2015) 2:15 p.m.: This article has been updated to include some of the new food options at Angel Stadium for 2015.

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