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Heads Up: You Can Now Get Your Ramen Champ Fix For Lunch

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The Chinatown dinner spot is doing noodle and rice bowls for lunch.

Inside Ramen Champ
Inside Ramen Champ
Elizabeth Daniels

If you’ve been waiting diligently for some lunchtime Ramen Champ action, good news: your patience has paid off. The ultra-popular Chinatown noodle bowl spot at the Far East Plaza has until now only been open for dinner, but as of yesterday they’re quietly slinging some of their newest dishes for lunch.

Owner Alvin Cailan has for a while now been tempting the masses with his version of a casual lunch option at Ramen Champ, which includes bowls of mazeman ‘dry’ ramen and the otherwise dreaded kale salad. Many of those dishes, which includes those simple dry noodle and rice bowls, were created for Ramen Champ’s stand at Coachella, and have proven popular (and workable) enough to make it on the lunch menu without interfering with the prep for the more traditional ramen dinner service.

As for those bowls of ramen themselves, only the seriously addictive mushroom shio will be available at lunchtime — the others are much more labor-intensive. Follow Cailan on Instagram, though, and you'll usually get a sneak peek at some of the more inventive upcoming dishes he's been working on for lunch and beyond, including (maybe) a burger.

The quick service counter time lunch options at Ramen Champ will only be available from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. through Friday of this week, before moving to seven days next week.

Ramen Champ

727 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 316-8595

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