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Brookies (Brownies + Cookies) Can't Save The World, But They're Trying

Let's all hug.

Milk + Brookies

It’s always a welcome surprise when the world realizes collectively that they’ve missed another impossibly popular dessert mash-up. Beyond the cronut, there are endless possibilities for sweets from various cultures to overlap, as Eater’s own handy Dessert Rodeo has shown.

Yet even Eater couldn’t predict the most obvious mash-up of them all: the brookie. That’s a brownie and a cookie, of course, and it’s now a real thing, thanks to Los Angeles’s own Milk + Brookies. And it's here to save the world.

The concept, like peace itself, is as simple as it sounds. There's cookie dough, complete with traditional cookie ingredients like chocolate chips and nuts, and it's been seemingly pressed into the softened top of a large brownie bite. Ironically enough, these newfangled desserts are baked into a cupcake wrapper. Isn't that just non-denominationally adorable?

All the usual flavors are represented, from peanut butter to snickerdoodle to red velvet. You can pick from the pre-made flavors available, or create your own for a custom brookie experience. Really though, since you’ve never had a brookie before, your first experience is guaranteed to be a custom one. And, ideally, one that will make you think a little better of the world.

For now, these beautiful Frankenstein sweets are only available online, though the Milk + Brookies team does keep a non-retail commissary kitchen right in the heart of town. Hopefully soon, you’ll be able to get your brookies fix in person, ideally with a side glass of that namesake milk too. And with that, the world shall come together as one.

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