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Reds Brings Insane-Sounding Swedish Pizza to Santa Monica

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Reds Pizza pops up along Pico Blvd., offering insane options.


As if Los Angeles doesn’t get enough knocks for its pizza habits, here comes Reds to Santa Monica. The very serious-looking shop plans, apparently, to introduce Los Angeles to the idea of Swedish pizza.

What is Swedish pizza? That’s exactly what Toddrickallen asked when he stumbled upon the under-construction storefront on Pico Boulevard, in the former Perfect Blend space. The answer is sort of hard to explain.

Basically, Swedish pizza is anything and everything that Swedes find delicious, but put on top of a thin, doughy base. There’s a primer this way by a UK journalist, and it involves a discussion on toppings as varied as "taco spice mix" and béarnaise sauce. Peanuts, bananas, french fries, clementines. All weird, all available on a pizza.

The idea for Reds seems to have come about via the Tarzana slice spot Cutters, where an Iranian-Swedish chef works. Apparently they’ve been doing Swedish pizzas for some time now, using all sorts of wacky ingredients. And so now, they’re heading towards Santa Monica.

Will Westsiders really come to embrace the wacky concept? Like a banana curry pizza, anything is possible.

Reds Swedish Pizza
707 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA

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