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Spinfish Poké House Opens in Pasadena, Confirming Veritable Poke Craze

It’s another addition to the growing list of poke concepts opening in LA.

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Spinfish Poke House
Spinfish Poke House

There is no doubt poké is trending in LA, with Poké N Roll, Mainland Poké, Sweetfin Poké, and PokeMix all either recently opened or on the horizon. Now another Hawaiian raw fish concept joins the list, with Spinfish Poké House now serving in Pasadena.

The restaurant was founded by a group of friends who fell in love with the food of Hawaii. Those flavors are brought to LA in a variety of signature poke bowls along with customizable options. Pretty stellar Yelp reviews reveal the Aloha 808 with sesame shoyu, ogo limu, Hawaiian sea salt, chili flake, green onion, and sweet onion, and the Sweet Heat with sweet chili sauce, crispy onion, and masago as early favorites. Customers also have a Chipotle-style choice of fish, sauce, toppings, and base for a more personalized experience.

Spinfish Poké
36 W Colorado Blvd #7
Pasadena, CA 91105