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Wine Rave Heads to Chinatown This Friday, Pez Cantina Launches Brunch

And Reserve LA adds new restaurants to the dining concierge app.

CHINATOWN— Wine Rave, the wine cocktail-fueled phenomenon backed by Maxwell Leer and Adam Vourvoulis, is popping up yet again, this time at Golden Dragon in Chinatown. Inspired by the film Only God Forgives, the concept #onlywineforgives will break away from the rave feel for an edgier vibe. There will be wine cocktails, freezing cold Tsingtao, and, of course, the requisite wine shotz. Wine Rave starts at 10 p.m. this Friday, April 10, and is cash only.

AROUND TOWN— Reserve LA added a slew of restaurants available through the dining concierge app and mobile payment service. Highlights include Aestus, Goldie's, littlefork, and Redbird.

DOWNTOWN— Pez Cantina, the Coastal Mexican Kitchen that comes by way of former Patina executive chef and Milk co-founder Bret Thompson, is adding Sunday brunch to its offerings. Catch a Bloody Maria bar, craft cocktails, and Mexican breakfast starting May 3 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

AROUND TOWN— Josh Lurie dropped a list of 10 great flans in LA for LA Weekly. Included is Mercado's truly outstanding "best flan in the universe." Check out the full list here.