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Kris Morningstar Will Cure Your Next Hangover

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The Terrine chef/owner goes all in on a croque madame.

Buzzy new Beverly Blvd. spot Terrine is fresh off of a glowing three star review by LA Weekly’s Besha Rodell, where she lauds the talented ownership team of Stephane Bombet and chef Kris Morningstar. So what is the highly skilled chef making in the back? Cheesy, eggy drunk food.

Vice food imprint Munchies caught up with Morningstar has he assembles a classic croque madame, the egg-topped sister to France’s famously decadent croque monsieur, inside Terrine’s kitchen. Citing the dish as a fantastic cure for any hangover, Morningstar proceeds to layer up the buttery behemoth with dijon, ham, cheese, plenty of béchamel, more cheese and of course a perfectly cooked egg.

The best line: "It’s a sandwich, just assemble it. That’s what makes this so great. When you’re drunk, stoned, hungover in the morning — you don’t need amazing motor skills."


8265 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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