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Guerrilla Tacos' Wes Avila Curses Like a Sailor While Making Tamales

The latest Vice Munchies video features the charismatic taco truck owner.

Wes Avila has never really been afraid to speak his mind or do what he wants. It’s part of what makes the man so great at what he does, running one of the city’s finest high-end taco trucks in Guerrilla Tacos.

In this latest from Munchies, Avila drops the truck for a nice home kitchen, but the change of scenery certainly doesn’t change his attitude. He quickly whips up a batch of casero-style tamales using a decade-old plastic craft store scraper to work the masa into the corn husks, while matter-of-factly discussing the benefits of a good microwave.

In fact, says Avila: "Any chef who says don’t use a microwave can go fuck himself."

Guerrilla Tacos

2000 East 7th Street, , CA 90021 (213) 375-3300 Visit Website

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