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Classic Scandia Building Makes Way for 11-Story Marriott on Sunset Strip

The restaurant closed years ago, leaving only an empty building.

Former Scandia Building, West Hollywood
Former Scandia Building, West Hollywood
Wonho Frank Lee

You may have never known the history of the unassuming burnt red building at 9040 W. Sunset in West Hollywood, but it’s an address that at one time carried a lot of weight, even for the history-riddled Sunset Strip. It was for years the restaurant Scandia, an immensely beloved dinner hotspot that dates back to 1957. Soon, it will become a swanky Marriott hotel.

LA Magazine’s Alison Martino has the full details on Scandia, including a few anecdotes from her own childhood. As its name suggest, Scandia served all manner of Scandinavian-inspired cuisine like Swedish meatballs, alongside Continental fare like steins of beer and Lobster Thermidor.

In short order though, all of that colorful history will hit the trash bin, as the entire site is being razed to make room for an 11-story Marriott. Head over to LA Mag to read a surprisingly heartfelt tribute to one of L.A.’s lost restaurant gems, complete with stories from friends and family who used to frequent Scandia.

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