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Prepare to Be Disappointed: Zam Zam Market Replaced by Generic Pizza Parlor

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At least it’s not another chain.

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Old Zam Zam Market, Culver City
Old Zam Zam Market, Culver City

Well this is disappointing. Beloved Pakistani eatery Zam Zam Market, which shuttered back in November due to higher rents, finally has a new tenant taking over the rather barebones space. Toddrickallen reports the old favorite, known for some of the best biryani and tandoori in town, is being replaced by a concept called Mega Pizza & Grille. While it seems like the upcoming pizzeria is doing a nice job with the remodel, it certainly has some pretty large shoes to fill.

Mega Pizza & Grille
11028 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232