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Good Eggs Once Again Selling Upscale Groceries Online in Los Angeles

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There were some permitting issues.

Good Eggs

Online grocer Good Eggs has been dormant in Los Angeles for several months now, after unresolved permitting issues with the city ground their operation to a halt. As of last week, they're up and running again, taking online orders and setting up deliveries of produce and locally-made dry goods right to customers' doorsteps.

Good Eggs is the San Francisco-based online grocery store that has been operating in Los Angeles since 2013. There were initial talks at the tech-forward team would be taking the former factory in Frogtown and turning it into a retail operation with a grocery pick-up component, but ultimately those notions were shelved. The building then became just a place for locals to pick up their pre-packed groceries directly, but apparently didn't have all their ducks in a row for the space.

In a since-deleted blog post the company said that a few different permits were still pending with the city, or had been incorrectly filed, leading to a months-long shutter of their entire LA operation. As of last Wednesday, the online produce retailer is back with a vengeance, meaning locals can head over to grab CSA-style bundles of produce, plus locally-made salsas, jams, granolas, pastas, breads, and more. Or, have the packages conveniently delivered.

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