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Sausal to Bring Nuevo Rancho Cuisine to El Segundo

The South Bay is booming.


The South Bay has been consistently stepping up its culinary game, what with Manhattan and Hermosa Beach's exploding restaurant scene with heavy hitters such as Love & Salt, Steak & Whisky, and upcoming Arthur J dominating the beach cities. Neighboring El Segundo is ready to get in the game, with a major build out going on at 219 Main St in the old Indian Summer spot, reports Toddrickallen.

The upcoming eatery will be called Sausal, and, according to chef/owner Anne Conness and managing partner Sorin Costache, will feature "Nuevo Rancho" cuisine, a sort of homage to the Mexican and Spanish flavors of the California rancho days. An ABC notice reveals the upcoming South Bay restaurant will definitely have booze.

219 Main St
El Segundo, CA  90245