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Pasadena Beer Hall Der Wolfskopf Quietly Debuts Downstairs Rathskeller Bar

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The name means 'council's cellar'.

Lights at Der Wolfskopf in Pasadena
Lights at Der Wolfskopf in Pasadena
Wonho Frank Lee
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All full of wood, brick, and beer taps, Pasadena's Der Wolfskopf has been serving a growing cadre of customers inside their Old Pasadena spot on Fair Oaks since late February. And not long ago, they quietly added a downstairs cocktail component.

It's called Der Rathskeller, which is a fairly common German title that refers usually to any below-ground drinking spot. In fact, there's already another Rathskeller already in Pasadena, but that one is a lower-level bar and game room inside of a members-only Caltech club.

So what can you expect at this Rathskeller? Cocktails mostly, and usually with a surprisingly colorful twist, given the dim surroundings. Fruity and floral options abound, though a nice stiff drink is always on offer as well — plus the same 20 craft beer taps from upstairs, for anyone still looking to drink beer downstairs.

The room itself is mostly filled with bar seating and dark booths surrounded by open brick walls, so things can get a little cramped and warm on busy nights. Hours run Thursday through Saturday from 8:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., downstairs from Der Wolfskopf in Old Pasadena.

Der Wolfskopf

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