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Ludo Brings a Burger (Finally) to the Lunch Menu at Petit Trois Next Week

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It's got Au Cheval inspirations.

Petit Trois, Melrose & Highland
Petit Trois, Melrose & Highland
Wonho Frank Lee
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It looks like Ludo caught the Au Cheval bug while in Chicago for the James Beard Awards. The Trois Mec/Petit Trois chef was spotted downing the iconic Windy City burger before an ultimately losing affair at the Lyric Opera House, but that hasn't stopped him from winning hearts with last night's announcement of a Cheval-inspired burger set to hit the Petit Trois menu next week.

The luscious Instagram shot that debuted the burger has racked up almost two thousand likes already, proving there's nothing quite so popular as a star chef and a mouth-watering burger.

Because I like burger, next week at Petit Trois!! French sandwich @petittroisla

A photo posted by Ludovic Lefebvre (@chefludo) on

When pressed for details, Ludo says that the meat concoction is indeed a play on Au Cheval's own, but with some French dip flavors thrown in. Think caramelized onion soup, garlic aioli, and red wine Bordelaise sauce.

"I didn't win the James Beard, but I won something bigger," says Ludo, "the opportunity to eat at Au Cheval and be inspired by the best burger I ever eat in my life."

For now, the burger is only a special, but could hit the menu full-time as staff figures out how to make it work inside the tiny, tiny space. The Cheval-inspired Ludo burger at Petit Trois drops on Tuesday at lunch, and there's no official word on pricing yet.


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