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Former Wara Wara Space in Koreatown Has Sprung Back to Life

There's new action inside the Koreatown stop.

It looks like there's a renewed sense of life on Beverly Blvd. in Koreatown, at the site of the former Wara Wara grill house. Profiled by the Times in 2013 as a sort of backyard clam bake with equally slow service but decent soju, Wara Wara was ultimately not long for this world. It's always been a prime spot, though — a standalone building with decent on-site parking.

It's no surprise, then, that the For Lease sign has given way to an ABC notification, while contractors are busy building away inside. There's no current name for the upcoming property but there's hope for a beer and wine license, which means something should hopefully be coming to life there soon.

Got details on this great Koreatown space and who the new tenants might just end up being? Drop them in the comments or hit the always-active tip line.

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