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Kagura Expands Its Tonkatsu Empire to El Segundo

It’s yet another boon for the South Bay.

The old Crush Bistro, El Segundo
The old Crush Bistro, El Segundo

The South Bay continues to amp up the caliber of its food scene, what with news coming only yesterday that Nuevo Rancho concept Sausal is taking over the old Indian Summer location in El Segundo. The beach city is getting yet another great restaurant with the expansion of Kagura, just two blocks away from Sausal at 403 Main Street.

Kagura is already a well-established restaurant with locations in LA's Japanese food hub Torrance and Downtown's Little Tokyo. The Torrance location is known for having some of the best tonkatsu in the city, so denizens of El Segundo can look forward to some stellar deep-fried pork cutlets in the old Crush Bistro & Wine Bar spot. No word on the opening date, though an ABC license has been posted.

403 Main Street
El Segundo, CA 90245