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The Melting Pot of Pasadena Turns Its Fondue Pots Off Indefinitely

It’s a sad day for fondue lovers.

The Melting Pot, Pasadena
The Melting Pot, Pasadena

Although there are few things in life more enjoyable than dipping food into bubbling pots of cheese, it seems residents of Pasadena just couldn't hold on to fondue restaurant The Melting Pot. In an official statement, The Melting Pot announced the indefinite closure of its Pasadena location due to a "mutual agreement between franchise owners and landlord to terminate lease."

While it sounds like a restaurant centered around the retro food concept may be a tough business, the announcement also mentions hopes to expand in the great Los Angeles area, with The Melting Pot accepting franchise applications. Always dreamed of opening up a fondue-only concept? Apply here.