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Old Shanghai Kitchen Brings Alternative to Sichuan, One Plus One Opens HK Cafe

Finally, some non-Sichuan restaurants open in SGV.

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Old Shanghai Kitchen, Rosemead
Old Shanghai Kitchen, Rosemead

1) Rosemead: The old management at Wang Jia restaurant has apparently opened Old Shanghai Kitchen. Old Shanghai takes over the rather unfortunate Dalian Small Stone, which somehow lasted three years. There's no English signage up yet, and Wang Jia's original location remains open. 7637 Garvey Ave

2) Rosemead: One Plus One Cafe has opened in Rosemead on Valley Blvd. This is the third "One plus one" branded enterprise in as many years. The others involve dumplings and hot pot, this one is the black sheep of the family (though it is uncertain if all the outlets are related) and serves Hong Kong style cafe food. Think: Delicious Food Corner. There have hardly been any recent advances in the genre as the ancient stalwarts are all in Monterey Park. 9329 E Valley Blvd

3) Rowland Heights: An EMC Seafood knock-off has appeared in Rowland Heights. W Haus Seafood's interior was done by Design Studio Squared and Ying Jian Wu's Delicieux Restaurant Inc is behind this venture. The Pan-Chinese seafood shack concept may be the next Boiling Crab. 18888 Labin Ct Ste B10

4) El Monte: A Chinese take-out shack has opened in the form of Fooodgo. This small store front has tons of ready-cooked items for take-out, and it meant to mimic the 7-11s in Taiwan and Japan. The internationalized menu has 3 cheese ravioli, braised beef lunch box, kung pao chicken, and even southern fried chicken. So far, the Yelp reviews are extremely mixed. 9204 Flair Dr.

5) El Monte: Ming Yuen, the only Peruvian Chinese restaurant in the SGV, has been replaced by Pho Ga Hai Nam, a Southern Chinese-Vietnamese chicken noodle soup shop. The residents of the senior center kitty corner to Pho Ga are probably mighty pleased. 10053 Valley Blvd