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Jonathan Gold Declares 26 Cocktails as Great in Los Angeles

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The LA Times critic takes a walk on the boozy side.

The Chestnut Club
The Chestnut Club
Wonho Frank Lee

This week, Jonathan Gold turns his attention to cocktails in lieu of a full review. Gold explains, "Los Angeles has become a cocktail town, a city where the sommelier thing seems just a bit old-fashioned, the craft-beer thing is a little played out." In a town where bars pop-up on the regular and it is "difficult to sustain an ambitious restaurant without an ambitious bar program," it seems only fitting that the Times critic craft a rather comprehensive list of the city's greatest cocktails.

First up, the LA-born Moscow Mule, which the Golderster recommends drinking at Tam O'Shanter. Faith & Flower makes an appearance, of course, for its laborious English Milk Punch. Also on the list: a Sazerac at Seven Grand, brandy old fashioned at Ledlow, gin and tonic at The Chestnut Club, and the iconic martini at Musso & Frank. Check out the full list here.

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