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Attention Travelers: There's a New Dunkin' Donuts Express Inside Terminal 1 at LAX

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Brace yourselves, airport-goers.

The new Dunkin' Donuts Express at LAX
The new Dunkin' Donuts Express at LAX
Dunkin' Donuts

Is this the beginning of the end for LA’s beloved doughnut culture? After landing a much-hyped location in Santa Monica in the fall of last year, East Coast chain Dunkin’ Donuts has continued to proliferate across the Southland. But their latest, right inside of Terminal 1 at LAX, might just represent a new, impossible-to-overcome wave of outsider chain doughnut madness that will burn this city to the ground.

Dishing out their signature coffees and meh doughnuts, the Dunkin’ brand managed to pop up quietly inside Terminal 1 with an express location just last week. There’s the usual slew of Boston Kremes and regular glazed options, plus that infuriating clear cup of doughnut holes that stands as a planted flag in the upcoming wars over morning fried dough. At least, for now, they’re not selling those hideous-looking bacon guacamole flatbread sandwiches at this location.

Don’t forget, folks: just because this new Dunkin’ Donuts may be convenient for anyone traveling through Terminal 1 at LAX, there are still lots — and lots and lots — of better local alternatives to enjoy before or after your airport experience instead. Time your traveling right and you can even hit up this amazing pink-colored container selling morning doughnuts in South LA.

Dunkin' Donuts

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