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Santa Monica's Original Hot Dog On A Stick Getting Demo'd For Bigger, Better Digs

Not during peak corn dog season, at least.

Original Hot Dog on a Stick
Original Hot Dog on a Stick
Wikipedia Commons

Corn dog lovers on the Westside have reason to be very, very afraid this week: the first-ever Hot Dog On A Stick is closing down. Well, only for two months, and not until November, but the reason for panic is no less real.

The iconic and colorful Hot Dog On A Stick has been a staple at the beach in Santa Monica since 1946. The location is actually the first in what is now a much larger franchise (though they had to declare bankruptcy last year), and owing to its age, the Santa Monica Daily Press says the stand will have to close in order to service more customers with a larger space, and to become ADA-compliant. Fortunately, the remodel isn't likely to happen until around November, which means the summer corn dog craze is still on as planned.

The Daily Press says that plans call for demolition of the existing structure, which currently stands at a paltry 10 feet wide, and for the new facility to come in at an equally cozy 650 square feet. Thankfully, Hot Dog On A Stick ownership says they have no plans to further re-engineer the brand, choosing instead to keep the nostalgia in place while upgrading the facilities.

Barring any setbacks during an upcoming meeting with the Architectural Review Board, the full overhaul should proceed later this year, and keep the stand down for as short a time as possible. Should someone need their fix during the blackout, however, there’s always the corn dogs at the quickly-expanding Dog Haus franchise.

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